Event description

At Noise 13 we have a number of partners we turn to when we pieces of a project are not our specialty. In this process we have learned a lot about how to navigate these relationships both internally and with our clients. We’ll be hosting a panel discussion with our collaborators on the pros and cons of multiple teams for client projects. Some of the subjects we’ll touch on include: being transparent with a client on who’s who, setting clear expectations within each partnership, and letting go of egos to produce quality work. This is a conversation for all areas of design if you collaborate with outside team. We hope that you’ll join us and bring your questions and insight as well. Panel will include:
Dava Guthmiller Noise 13
Tami Anderson Grow Marketing (http://grow-marketing.com/)
Marc Fiorito Gamma Nine (http://www.gammanine.com/)
Miriam Stone Brand Plume (https://www.linkedin.com/in/miriamstone)