Event description

Sound is at to the forefront of future-centered design.

For architects and forward-thinking designers, sound and acoustics are no longer an after thought. In urban cityscapes, open office floor plans and the forest floor, they are critical to quality of life.

While the grand reverberant sounds of a cathedral inspire a sense of awe, that same echoing room is a disaster in an educational setting.

Hearing a pin drop might be ideal in a library, it’s the opposite in a dining environment.

Sound shapes our world, our art, and our lives.

Come hear for yourself!

At the new San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Wattis Theater Project. Read about it in SFGATE


With a brilliant, engaging panel of experts:

Deborah Cullinan, Executive Director of YBCA

Robert Smith, Director of Classroom Innovation, Stanford University
Gabriela Cámara, Chef-Owner of Cala
Dr. Adam Gazzaley, Cognitive Neuroscientist and Researcher, UCSF
Duncan Ballash, Principal and President, EHDD Architecture
Ruth Berson, Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs, SFMOMA

Fun fact:

Did you know that Cala restaurant has a Meyer Sound System installed so you can better hear the people you are sitting with and have a better experience?

Presented by Meyer Sound:
A leader in the world of sound, Meyer Sound works continually to elevate the overall dialogue about sound and bring greater awareness to the importance of how we hear and how we listen. Founded by John and Helen Meyer in 1979, Meyer Sound has continually explored the everyday impact of sound, applying the highest level of scientific and acoustical principles to achieve extraordinary results in sound reinforcement and global acoustic solutions.