Get handsy with tactile materials at this year’s Design Week. Join Materialist at RN74 in the Millennium Tower lounge located conveniently at 301 Mission Street in the Financial District / SoMa of San Francisco. This evening of show and tell will feature high-tech, sustainable, and aesthetically unique materials.

From quirky to industry-changing, experience materials in a very tangible way and learn about products and technologies you never knew existed like transparent aluminum, stingray leather, compostable stretch fabric, foamed alloys, inflated steel, wood fabrics, and real peacock feather wallpaper!

Materialist is the new online marketplace for discovering and buying aesthetically unique, sustainable, and inventive materials. Founded by Industrial Designer and sustainability expert Matt Grigsby, offers real-time availability and accurate information so designers can make informed decisions. For the first time, easily discover and purchase the best, most progressive materials for your projects from a wide range of producers from around the world.