Event description

If you have mastered the basics of Photoshop and are ready to dig deeper then you are in the right place. Expert instructor Abigail Rudner will introduce you to a wealth of little-known and under-utilized techniques that you can use to make your Photoshop work really soar. Open up to more creativity and Photoshop power by delving into and understanding exciting new directions for your work. This session is perfect to those wanting to push their knowledge of Photoshop, including amateur and professional Photographers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators and Artists.

You’ll learn techniques including:

  • Channel mixing for masking
  • Blend sliders
  • Smart objects
  • Adjustment layers

About Abigail Rudner
Abigail Rudner is an educator and designer who inspires and teaches her students how to create and produce creative content that communicates effectively. To do this, she employs her own special synthesis of design methodology, visual thinking, problem solving and digital graphics tools and techniques. For the past 20 years, Abigail has mentored individuals, teams and groups. She teaches custom web design, web graphics, illustration, 3D and photo illustration classes with love and enthusiasm across the United States and on the web. She infuses individuals with creative thinking strategies and helps them increase the productivity and satisfaction of their work and lives. Clients include: Lynda.com, Chicago Portfolio School, Peachpit Press, Wall Street Journal, UC Berkeley Extension and more.