Event description

Join us as we delve into the origins of three Bay Area designers and uncover the idiosyncrasies that make them tick. Each speaker will share lessons that have shaped them and how their unique differences have become their greatest strengths. We’ll open up the dialogue for Q+A after the presentations. Refreshments will be provided.

Per Selvaag
Montaag founder/principal designer Per Ivar Selvaag is as passionate as Norwegians are able. He’ll share how he channels his regionally-influenced fervor into both client work and a range of studio projects—from concrete espresso machines to philanthropic Porsche rehabs.

Brad Aldridge
When it comes to creating bright, bold designs, Brad J. Aldridge is a true magician. (Actually Brad IS a true magician—called Bradmagic—he’s been performing since he was 6 years old and is a member of the mysteriously exclusive Magic Castle in Hollywood.) Brad brings a sense of theater staging, illusion, and storytelling to his designs by thinking about audience perception: it’s not “hand quicker than the eye,” it’s more like a series of well executed movements that add up to the appearance of miracles. Brad will speak about how being a performer and magician has influenced his design work, how he approaches working with clients, and how he presents creative with a bit of magic dust.

Cherry Lao
At 14 years old, Cherry Lao lived in Bangkok. She spent her time hanging out at the mall and playing laser tag, always while wearing baggy jeans. Now she lives in San Francisco and is the co-founder and creative director for the brand design agency Citizen Best. She’ll share her experience of transformation, an experience fueled by curiosity and a desire to evolve, and how it plays into her perspective as a designer. She’ll also explain how that transformation shaped the creation and ideals of Citizen Best.