Hosted by Oaklean, we welcome you to join us for an evening discussing changes in interactive design based on technology advances.

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Andy Pratt Executive Creative Director US, Favorite Medium
My Fridge Hates Me. Designing Technology That Respects Us
From wearables and IoT, to apps and RWD, the field of interaction design gets more complex each day. New materials and technologies allow our products to become smarter, faster and connected, all with the promise of improving our lives and communities. However, the more connected we become with our technology and products, the more disconnected we become with the people that matter most. Join Andy, Executive Creative Director at Favorite Medium, as he explores some of the challenges and opportunities product companies face in creating experiences that not only improve our lives, but respect us as well.

Jorge Arango Partner, Futuredraft.
Co-author of “Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond” (O’Reilly, 2015)
Lands, Hubs, and Wienies: Placemaking Lessons From the Magic Kingdom. Digital products and services are new types of places that alter how people understand information. This presentation distills lessons in placemaking from one of the most successful places ever created—Disneyland—to help UX designers produce more effective information environments.