Event description

Humans have been making since the beginning of time. We make objects for survival, convenience, and beauty; as political acts; to convey status and create wealth. Somewhere along the line, “maker” became also a kind of identity: from the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 1900s, to the resourceful make-doers of post-Depression 1940s, the anti-consumerist punks and the hippie back-to-the-landers, and now the Hackers and DIYers that flood Maker Faire every year. What is the current Maker Movement all about, and where does craft belong in it? As a hub of new tech and a home to many makers, San Francisco is a perfect place to hold this conversation.

Panel speakers include JD Sassaman, Mary Elizabeth Yarbrough and Donald Fortescue. Moderated by Laura Mays.
The exhibition and programming is supported by The Krenov Foundation.