Event description

History never looks like history when you are living through it.

Journalist Michael Malone of the San Jose Mercury News once said, “Silicon Valley is perpetually young. It’s always made up of the next generation of bright young entrepreneurs showing up… and they start their own companies. We’re not real big on history around here. We don’t look back very much.”

Yet when we do, it’s evident that Big “D” and little “d” design have been an integral part of the evolution of Silicon Valley since the 1950s. Today, nearly all innovation in Silicon Valley is rooted in design, in some way: our present design culture is the living sum-total of our past.

There are many design histories —product design, interaction design, graphic design, and architecture design — and AIGA SF would like to explore and chronicle not just the development of each but also how they are intertwined in a two-part presentation:

Part 1.The Known Design History of Silicon Valley
6/3 at 3:30–4:30pm

Part 2. The Unknown Design History of Silicon Valley — or at least not very well known
6/3 at 5–6pm

NOTE: Tickets are offered separately, please register for one or both.

The first of the two presentations for DESIGN WEEK is about the documented design — mostly about product design and interaction design.

TITLE: The Missing Link: The role of Design in the Silicon Valley Ecosystem of Innovation

Silicon Valley is recognized globally as the world’s most important incubator of new products, new business models, and new ideas. By most accounts, the region has been defined by the interconnections among its iconic technology companies, world-class universities, legal and financial communities, and labs. What has never been fully appreciated is the role that design has played in the region. This talk will demonstrate how design is the “missing link” in explaining the formation of the Silicon Valley ecosystem of innovation.

Presented by Barry Katz author of Make It New: The history of Silicon Valley Design