Event description

‘What if Bank of America were Scandinavian?’
–An explorative exhibition in Scandinavian design.

Most Americans know Scandinavian design as beautiful danish furniture. What many Americans don’t know is that Stockholm, Sweden, is the world’s second largest spawning pool of tech unicorns. Second only to San Fransisco. With success stories such as Spotify, Skype and more, Scandinavia and Scandinavian design in particular is not only beautiful but smart, technology powered and successful.
The American election has put a spotlight on Scandinavian culture by being catch-phrased by Bernie Sanders. An election with polarised voters that is acting as primetime entertainment in Scandinavia.

As a Scandinavian design agency, now in San Fransisco, it made us think about and question the differences between Scandinavia and the US. From a cultural and design perspective. Our work showed us differences but also similarities between the two. And surprisingly, how California is an almost perfect intersection of the US and Scandinavia. Both in terms of culture and design.

California is technology and people focused, pro public funding with trust in design and its power for products, services and organisations.

So why Bank of America?
Bank of America is an American icon. Founded by Italians. The peoples bank. We found it to be a perfect test-subject to demonstrate not only the intersection of American and Scandinavian, culture and design but the idea that this intersection might be very Californian. We’ll let the visitors be the judge of that.