Event description

Join community cooking school 18 Reasons, artist Nicole Markoff, and Chef Tu David Phu for “Dinner by Design,” a playful and delicious interaction of food, craft, and design. How do color, texture, and shape influence our food experiences? How does the rhythm of a meal affect our bodies and minds as we enjoy it? The paper and font used to tell us what we are eating, the plates and bowls that hold our food, the textiles that set the mood and keep crumbs from our laps and mouths, all send us signals about the meal we are eating. Chef Tu works with elemental ingredients to create elegant meals; for example, using a whole hog to make everything from head cheese to smoked sausage. Nicole, a textile and fashion designer by trade, will take a similar approach to the menus and table settings, creating handcrafted works for the event. 18 Reasons, a nonprofit inspired by both food and art, will pull these elements together and facilitate an exploration of design, taste, culture, and craft.

This will be a multi-course event with food cooked by innovative Chef Tu David Phu and interactive design experiences designed by artist and curator Nicole Markoff. Nicole will design menus and linens specifically for the event, and work with ceramicist Mary Mar Keenan to create an original and creative tableside experience for guests. Chef Tu will address the themes of tradition and innovation through his food, rooted in his Vietnamese heritage and in a mastery of modern cuisine.

NOTE: Tickets are actually a $75 value being offered at $25. All ticket sales benefit the non-profit 18 Reasons. Please only register if you plan to attend. Refunds will not be offered. If you register and do not attend, you will be charged the full price of the dinner $75