Event description

A Compostmodern event,
hosted by Google Brand Studio

Meet three experts who are on the forefront of design innovation through data visualization. Every aspect of modern life – politics, health, economics, security, sports, and climate change – is being tracked and analyzed in real time. But how do these data get sorted, and how do we draw conclusions from them? Designers now have the opportunity to source data, identify patterns, and create profound data-rich experiences. Join Compostmodern at Google for an evening of design and science featuring Rachel Beth Egenhoefer on behavior change through data viz, Simon Rogers on uncovering news stories through data, and Ryan Wyatt on creating immersive narratives with data visualizations.


Rachel Beth Egenhoefer

Associate Professor of Design at USF and editor of the forthcoming “Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design”

Simon Rogers

Data Editor with Google News Lab and Director of the 2016 Data Journalism Awards

Ryan Wyatt

Director of Morrison Planetarium and Science Visualization at the California Academy of Sciences

About Compostmodern

Compostmodern events connect designers, scientists, and thought leaders to delve into what is known and what is predicted for our future on this planet. Since its founding in 2004, Compostmodern has been an internationally recognized forum inspiring and guiding designers to transform products, industries and lives through sustainable design. Compostmodern is a project of AIGA SF and is organized by Rhonda Rubinstein and David Peters.

Special thanks to Katherine Walker and the team at Google Brand Studio.

Visualization of one day’s CO2 emissions in New York City,
by Carbon Visuals (CC BY 2.0)