Event description

Artistry and methodology are at the core of any creative agency, and at Butchershop, the marriage of these values take the shape of…a hand-carved totem pole. Yeah, that’s right. We are honored to welcome wood-carving artist Devyon Harrison to our office for a live demonstration that will kick off our epic Open House event. Join us in marveling at Devyon’s badassery as he creates a process-themed totem pole, live, right outside of Butchershop’s front door. Sound dangerous? It is! That’s what makes it sexy. See you soon.

Devyon Harrison is a Bay Area, wood-carving veteran practicing his chainsaw skills for over 25 years, his creations include large-scale pieces like John Wayne riding gallantly on a horse — into a sunset in your imagination — as well as small-scale pieces like tiny birds being chased by even tinier cats, and he creates all of these with the intricate care necessary when wielding a chainsaw.