Landing the Job You Really Want

Landing the job you really want is a journey in self exploration and awareness. You have questions. What do I want to do? What can I actually do? Who can I do it for? As a creative there are so many possibilities where your talents can shine that the questions seem endless. And the most important question is, where


Innovation Design and Corporation with Skechin

This session will delve into the limits of large corporation technology innovation and adoption and describe a new approach to technology innovation through Design Thinking. Through a few examples I will show how even big corporations can leverage and embrace the nimbleness and fast paced innovation practices typical of the startup ecosystem. Luca’s Bio I

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Salesforce UX Night: Exploring Our Design Principles

Salesforce UX is a product design team consisting of product designers, systems designers, UX engineers, researchers, and specialists focused on bringing great design to the enterprise. Clarity, efficiency, consistency, and beauty are the core design principles that guide the work that we do. Join the Salesforce UX team at our headquarters to explore the four

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Dinner + Drinks @ Dropbox

Dropbox design is bringing together some of the best and brightest minds in our community for an intimate dinner during SF Design week. Request an invite at the link below if you’d like to be a part of this unforgettable evening. Last years Dropbox Dinner was epic! Here’s your chance to join in one more


The Value of Data-Driven Design in the Digital World

You can’t walk down the street in San Francisco without overhearing a conversation about big data and the impact it’s having on nearly every industry imaginable. Well, big data, meet big design. Despite what some of your fellow creatives may have told you, marketing isn’t necessarily a bad word. Here at ROI·DNA, we’re bona fide

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Behind the Scenes at Huge

At digital agency Huge, we provide strategy, design, marketing and technology services to some of the world’s largest businesses and best-known brands. Join Experience Director Jennie Perri for a discussion on process, company culture, and a peek at some recent work. Attendees will also get a tour of our amazing office in Oakland.

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MedTech Design Panel

Join us for an evening of drinks and appetizers at our Studio with a lively moderated conversation on Consumer vs. Medical, how to better design for a changing industry… What does it take to be a product designer in the healthcare space? What does it mean to design within different regulatory requirements? Do I have

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UX on the Edge – Tales from the Future of Design

UX is the beating heart of the world’s most successful products. You can have amazing technology and functionality, but it has to be accessible, attractive and above all intuitive. But how is that done across a dizzying array of devices, especially in the exploding IoT space? And what techniques, practices and tools are necessary when

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Design Thinking Workshop with Weather Underground

Meet with designers and developers from Weather Underground and learn how we utilize Design Thinking principles in our work. This workshop will cover case studies that we’ve experienced at Weather Underground. At each step along the design thinking process we will break into small groups so you can practice solving a usability issue that you’ve

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The Power of Transparency at Inkling

Keeping our ideas and designs siloed until the “big reveal” isn’t a process—it’s a problem. But when we as designers make transparency a daily practice, we make our work—and our working relationships—stronger. What does successful transparency actually look like and how do we create a culture of it? Inkling invites designers of all backgrounds to


A Virtual Reality Gallery hosted by Transparent House

At Transparent House, we create photorealistic virtual reality (VR) experiences for product design and architecture. At our Virtual Reality Gallery, these VR experiences will be on display throughout our studio. You can test each one on the latest VR equipment: the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, & Samsung Gear. Beer and wine will be served.

Traveling Lounge Featured

Traveling Lounge @SF Design Week

AIGA’s Monthly Happy Hour, networking event is making a presence at Design week 2016 and you should too! Excited to be part of this year’s Design Week? Wanting to connect with other attendees? Join us for a drink or two after the Designing Products talk at Zendesk. We have a table around the corner at

Factory X

Prototype Thinking Introductory Workshop

Prototype Thinking is a user-testing-driven idea and product validation technique used by organizations like GoogleX to solve problems 10x – 100x faster. It’s literally thinking in prototypes: maximizing the rate of learning by reducing the time to try new ideas. Join us for this hands-on introduction to Prototype Thinking! In this 3-hour workshop, we will

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eBay and StubHub: Marketplace Panel and After Party

5 – 6 PM Marketplace Panel: There’s no question marketplaces are hot right now. Join us for a panel discussion as top design leaders from Airbnb, Uber, eBay, and StubHub examine how to design experiences that build excitement, engagement, and trust within a variety of marketplaces. Katie Dill, Head of Experience Design at Airbnb; Christine

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Interactive Teardown Workshop

Pick up a beer with one hand, a wrench with the other, and join us for an interactive teardown workshop! Join our hardware-loving team of engineers and designers to take apart a Canon Rebel T5 DSLR camera to find out what makes it click. With booze. At Fictiv, we’re seeking to uncover, decodify, and share

Factory X

Prototype Thinking Workshop

Join us for an engaging evening of hands-on learning about Prototype Thinking! Prototype Thinking is an innovation methodology at the heart of Google X—its the product design process used to build new inventions like Google Glass 10-100x faster than other methods. See this Ted talk to learn more. The co-founders of the Academy—a company that